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VPS Prices

  • 1 CORE
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB Enterprise SSD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 ip
  • 2 CORE
  • 3GB RAM
  • 60GB Enterprise SSD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 ip
  • 2 CORE
  • 4GB RAM
  • 80GB Enterprise SSD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 ip

Price Details

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi Annualy
  • Yearly
  • Biennial
  • Triennial
  • $ 3.30
  • $ 9.90
  • $ 19.80
  • $ 33.00
  • $ 66.00
  • $ 99.00
  • $ 4.90
  • $ 14.70
  • $ 29.40
  • $ 49.00
  • $ 98.00
  • $ 147.00
  • $ 8.10
  • $ 24.30
  • $ 48.60
  • $ 81.00
  • $ 162.00
  • $ 243.00
  • $ 9.70
  • $ 29.10
  • $ 58.20
  • $ 97.00
  • $ 194.00
  • $ 291.00

Server Management Packages


  • Server reinstallation (1 free per month)
  • Supports like Restart/Power on/ Power off
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems
  • Forgotten/changed server password
  • Support in case you cannot reach your server due to our internet infrastructure
  • This package is included in our server services free of charge.
  • Pro

  • All of the basic package contents
  • Obtaining support for the hosting panel running on the server
  • Support for standard services running on the server
  • Standard level server optimization (Apache/Nginx/MySQL etc.)
  • Returning from backup in case of backup service
  • Performing server updates
  • Premium

  • Complete Pro package content
  • Unlike other packages, you can always make priority requests
  • Support on SSL certificate installation
  • Installation/management of server antivirus and antimalware systems
  • Spamlist control and removal
  • IP reputation management
  • What is not included in the server management packages?

  • Consultancy on software related problems (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Python, Javascript, Ruby, NodeJS etc.)
  • Support/consultancy for software other than standard software (Web server/FTP/Mail/DNS etc.) running on the server
  • Do you have any special support or consultancy services other than these packages?

    As Narweb, we have always been happy to support our customers in the fields of internet services and software for over 20 years and to be involved in many big projects. Of course, we have different support and consultancy solutions for your special projects. If you want to get information/support/consultancy from us regarding these issues, you can contact us and request us to produce special solutions for you. We would like to state that we will be happy to assist you.

    General Features

    • Reinstall
    • Management Panel
    • SSD Disk
    • Xeon Server
    • Linux
    • Optional Backup
    • Server Management
    • 7 / 24 Support

    Why Choose Us

    Gelişmiş Güvenlik Duvarı Yönetimi


    Advanced Firewall Management

    Verilerinizi Güvenli Şekilde Şifrelenmiş Olarak Saklama İmkanı

    Data Encryption

    Possibility To Store Your Data Securely Encrypted

    Resource Usage Details

    Opportunity To Analyze The Resources You Use In Detail

    Professional Structures

    High Performance Servers With Xeon Processors And SSD Disks

    Technical Support

    24/7 Uninterrupted Technical Support And Solution Focused Approach

    Tier3 Data Center

    Redundant Electricity, Line And Cooling Systems in Tier3 Data Center

    %99 Uptime

    Uninterrupted Access 99% Uptime Rate

    Advanced Panel

    User Friendly Management Panels With Easy Operation And Advanced Interface


    VPS, which consists of the initials of the words Virtual Private Server, is the virtualization process performed on the operating system installed on the physical resources of the server. In this virtualization system, virtual servers operate on the operating system installed on the host server, dependent on the host system. It is not fully independent of the main server in terms of software; there are certain restrictions. For example, server Kernel compilation cannot be performed.
    Another name for this system is operating system-based virtualization. NARWEB offers VPS as a service that can be used for the next levels of Reseller Hosting packages. It is a structure where more than one domain is hosted and can be used in cases where the features in the dealer packages are not sufficient. In VPS, unlike Reseller Hosting, server management is in your hands. Within the limitations of the VPS system, you can run any software on your server and operate it independently. The VPS service is ideal for small-scale hosting companies or advertising agencies.

    NARWEB offers VPS as a service that can be used for levels after Reseller Hosting packages. In cases where more than one domain is hosted and the features in the Reseller Hosting packages are not enough, you can have virtual servers created on special performance machines with Xeon® processors with the features you want.

    If you request VPS Resources (CPU, RAM, DISK), it can be increased within 1-2 minutes. You will not experience any interruptions as there is no migration or system reboot in this process.