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Cloud Dedicated Server Pricing

  • 4 CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 150 GB Ent. SSD
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 1 IP
  • 12 CPU
  • 96 GB RAM
  • 250 GB Ent. SSD
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 1 IP
  • 16 CPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 300 GB Ent. SSD
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 1 IP

CEPH: Our Reliable and Flexible Storage Solution

As, we are constantly following the latest technologies and integrating them into our systems to provide the best service to our customers. CEPH, the SDS (Software Defined Storage) solution we use in our VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) services, is a part of this innovative approach. So, what is CEPH and why do we prefer it? Ability to Store Your Data Securely Encrypted

Basic Features of CEPH

CEPH is an open-source software-defined storage solution. It offers flexibility, scalability, and high availability. CEPH dynamically manages your storage needs, allowing you to seamlessly scale in response to data increases and decreases.

High Performance:

With SSD and NVMe disks, CEPH stores and accesses your data quickly.

Flexibility and Scalability:

CEPH can expand as needed, allowing you to increase storage capacity and performance according to your needs.

High Availability:

CEPH has self-healing features to prevent data loss.

Data Integrity:

CEPH uses advanced algorithms to keep your data safe.

Triple Redundancy:

Tripling Your Security With CEPH in our CDS (Cloud Dedicated Server) services, we implement a triple replication (backup) strategy. This means your data is stored on three different disks. Unlike traditional hosting companies, your data is not stored on a single disk.

Of course, this does not mean backup. That is, when you delete a file from your server or it gets deleted somehow (error, virus, ...), the file is deleted and also removed from the backups. Therefore, we recommend you to use a backup service.

Data Security:

Triple redundancy minimizes the risk of data loss.

Continuous Accessibility:

In case of any failure, other replicas take over, ensuring service continuity.

CEPH's Global Success

CEPH is a preferred storage solution in many major projects worldwide. This proves its reliability, performance, and scalability. Used in various sectors such as large data centers, financial institutions, and research institutes, CEPH offers an effective solution for complex storage needs.

Global Choice:

A solution trusted by companies and institutions around the world.

Innovative Projects:

Has a flexible structure capable of meeting even the most challenging storage requirements.

As, we offer high performance, reliability, and continuous accessibility by using CEPH in our CDS (Cloud Dedicated Server) services. Keeping up with the innovations brought by technology, we provide the most suitable solutions for your business needs. Your data is safe with us with CEPH.

Price Details

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi Annualy
  • Yearly
  • Biennial
  • Triennial
  • $50
  • $150
  • $300
  • $550
  • $1100
  • $1650
  • $80
  • $240
  • $480
  • $880
  • $1760
  • $2640
  • $110
  • $330
  • $660
  • $1210
  • $2420
  • $3630
  • $130
  • $390
  • $780
  • $1430
  • $2860
  • $4290

General Features

  • HA Cloud Infrastructure
  • HA Clustered Storage
  • Free Setup
  • Free Hosting Panel Setup
  • Enterprise SSD
  • Xeon Server
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Optional Backup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 7 / 24 Support

Why Choose Us

Gelişmiş Güvenlik Duvarı Yönetimi


Advanced Firewall Management

Verilerinizi Güvenli Şekilde Şifrelenmiş Olarak Saklama İmkanı

Data Encryption

Possibility To Store Your Data Securely Encrypted

Resource Usage Details

Opportunity To Analyze The Resources You Use In Detail

Professional Structures

High Performance Servers With Xeon Processors And SSD Disks

Technical Support

24/7 Uninterrupted Technical Support And Solution Focused Approach

Tier3 Data Center

Redundant Electricity, Line And Cooling Systems in Tier3 Data Center

%99 Uptime

Uninterrupted Access 99% Uptime Rate

Advanced Panel

User Friendly Management Panels With Easy Operation And Advanced Interface

Server Management Packages


  • Server reinstallation (1 free per month)
  • Supports like Restart/Power on/ Power off
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems
  • Forgotten/changed server password
  • Support in case you cannot reach your server due to our internet infrastructure
  • This package is included in our server services free of charge.
  • Pro

  • All of the basic package contents
  • Obtaining support for the hosting panel running on the server
  • Support for standard services running on the server
  • Standard level server optimization (Apache/Nginx/MySQL etc.)
  • Returning from backup in case of backup service
  • Performing server updates
  • Premium

  • Complete Pro package content
  • Unlike other packages, you can always make priority requests
  • Support on SSL certificate installation
  • Installation/management of server antivirus and antimalware systems
  • Spamlist control and removal
  • IP reputation management
  • What is not included in the server management packages?

  • Consultancy on software related problems (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Python, Javascript, Ruby, NodeJS etc.)
  • Support/consultancy for software other than standard software (Web server/FTP/Mail/DNS etc.) running on the server
  • Do you have any special support or consultancy services other than these packages?

    As Narweb, we have always been happy to support our customers in the fields of internet services and software for over 20 years and to be involved in many big projects. Of course, we have different support and consultancy solutions for your special projects. If you want to get information/support/consultancy from us regarding these issues, you can contact us and request us to produce special solutions for you. We would like to state that we will be happy to assist you.

    Cloud Dedicated Server FAQ

    Cloud Dedicated Server (Cloud High Capacity Server) is a high capacity cloud server service that is reserved for you with all its resources. You can run the software you want on the server, customize it in any way you want and meet your needs fully. NARWEB offers this service for customers who do not want to be affected by VDS service features and physical server problems. For projects that cannot be hosted in VDS service, companies that provide hosting services, agencies with a large number of high-traffic website customers and all other specific hosting services, Cloud Dedicated Server is created with the products of brands accepted by the whole world, which you can use with peace of mind, and are real clustered structure and highly available (Highly Available HA) systems.

    NARWEB is positioning this service especially for customers who do not want to deal with dedicated server hardware and need a fully redundant infrastructure. The biggest advantage of this service is that it can offer dedicated server level resources as a resource and allows you to do this without taking the risk of hardware. When you host a dedicated server or your own server, you are likely to experience interruptions in possible hardware problems. However, thanks to our Highly Available HA cluster structure, you are not affected by possible hardware failures.

    This service is suitable for all our customers who need high availability (High Availability HA) without any hardware obligation. Thanks to the cluster structure used, hardware-based interruption can be reduced to zero. It is also a very suitable solution for customers with high resource needs. For example, when you want to set up a Kubernetes Cluster, it can easily meet high resource needs on a fully redundant infrastructure.