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NARWEB was founded in Istanbul in 2003 in order to operate on internet and computer services. It produces special solutions in many areas to its corporate and individual customers, especially internet service providers. It has also demonstrated its success as one of the companies that use the first redundant server infrastructure in Turkey during this period. Dynamic thinking structure and always self-renewing understanding continues to grow with its understanding.

Service Understanding

NARWEB stands different from many other companies with its innovative approach and services in its understanding of internet services. It is constantly trying to add plus value to its customers by closely following the developing technologies. Uninterrupted, healthy and the quality level required by the age, the understanding of service is the first carrier of identity. Continuing R&D studies within the framework of its corporate vision are one of the main principles of NARWEB to continue, implement, invest in infrastructure and share it with its users.

Technological Infrastructure

NARWEB provides redundant and scalable internet services in multiple locations. The server and server provide their hardware from selected brands accepted all over the world and into service. As a result of the continuous research and improvements he has done, he tries to offer close to zero deductions to his customers. Our servers used for Web Hosting and Mail Hosting services provide services through industry-accepted server configurations. The density of servers is constantly and balanced, distributed to new arrivals, providing fast, uninterrupted and quality hosting service at all times. In addition, thanks to the multi-data center infrastructure it uses, the dedicated server is able to provide many services in its own area, such as co-location, VPS and Leased Line. With its dedicated hosting service, corporate customers can be given zero interruptions, thus ensuring business continuity.

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NARNET Bilgisayar Dahili Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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629 048 4921

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